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N.1 - February 2009

Benefit of old phenodata series - evaluation and declaring ability.

J. Nekovar e G. Dal Monte

Tirano (1624-1930): a long time series of harvest dates for grapevine.

L. Mariani, S. Parisi, O. Failla, G. Cola, G. Zoia e L. Bonardi 

Old phenological data on wild plants in Italy (XIX and early XX Century).

G. Puppi e A. L. Zanotti

The phenological observations and networking of Adolphe Quetelet at the royal Observatory of Brussels.

G. R. Demarée

Phenological records in Carpathians in 19th Century and their possible use.

P. Nejedlik e S. Szalai

Two centuries of phenological observation in Middle Bohemia.

I. Kott, J. Nekovár e K. Helman

Old norwegian phenodata series in relation to recent ones.

F. E. Wielgolaski

Old phenological data in publications of CRA-CMA historical library.

G. Dal Monte

Phenological observation since the days of Linné in Finland.

J. Terhivuo, E. Kubin e J. Karhu

Assessment of cotton phenological stages using agroclimatic indices: an innovative approach.

Tsiros E., C. Domenikiotis e N. R. Dalezios

N.2 - June 2009

AIAM 2009 Meeting - Book of Abstracts

"Clima e Agricoltura: strategie di adattamento e mitigazione"

Sassari 15-16- 17 June 2009

N.3 - October 2009

Analysis and modelling of the combined effect of plant nitrogen concentration after fertilization and development stage on rice radiation use efficiency.

A. S. Rosenmund, M. E. Chiodini, M. Acutis, A. Perego, G. A. Sacchi e R. Confalonieri

Mini-lysimeters evapotranspiration measurements on suburban environment.

S. Parisi, L. Mariani , G. Cola e T. Maggiore

Validation of development models for winter cereals and maize with independent agrophenological observations in the BBCH scale.

F. Ventura, V. Marletto, S. Traini, F. Tomei, L. Botarelli e P. R. Pisa

Stima della radiazione solare ultravioletta per mezzo di un modello neurale.

Ultraviolet solar radiation by neural network.

F. Benincasa, M. De Vincenti e A. Materassi 

Fog in the Po valley: some meteo-climatic aspects.

L. Mariani

Insight desertification process : bio-physical and socio-economic drivers in Italy.

L. Perini, T. Ceccarelli, M. Zitti e L. Salvati

Water use in italian agriculture: analysis of rainfall patterns, irrigation systems and water storage capacity of farm ponds.

F. Natali, A. Dalla Marta, F. Orlando e S. Orlandini

Esiste l’effetto Fantozzi?

F. Ventura


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